At Intown Stars Gymnastics we are all about fun and progressive programs to nurture your child's growth and development. Parkour is a training method that allows them to overcome fears and obstacles, both physically and mentally.


Our training begins with the foundations of parkour, including learning to safely and efficiently navigate obstacles, learning how to absorb landings and other important parts of parkour. After the foundation is built, athletes work on finding their unique style and personal strengths.

Everyone is different, so once our athletes understand their strengths, we build on them and branch out to what appeals to them most, creating a unique style for each student.


Ages 5-7: Little Ninjas

Ages 7-9: Beginner/ Intermediate Parkour II

Ages 9+: Beginner/Intermediate/ Advanced Parkour  III  

If you are interested in being evaluated, please email info@intownstarsgymnastics.com to make an appointment