Parent Night Out is a super popular monthly event at ISG that gives kids a cool night out with their friends, and parents a chance take an evening to themselves. 


PNO Grant Park is on the fourth Friday of every month. 

PNO Decatur is on the second Friday of every month. 

Mark your calendars for date night or a night out! 


Bring friends or siblings, pillows and blanket, a water bottle and PJs to change into for the movie at the end of the night.  



$35 per student / $20 for siblings

 *This event is open to anyone in the



Register online using the Parent Portal



Drop off is at 6 p.m. 

Pizza around 7 p.m.

Movie starts at 9 p.m.

Pickup before 10 p.m.

PNO is open for anyone in the community and is always hosted by the same great coaches who take care of your children every week.  We serve the kiddos pizza and juice boxes, entertain them with lots of free time and a movie on the big screen.

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