Health and Wellness for All at ISG

Kristina Carpenter is our Health and Wellness manger! Kristina is a certified nutrition coach and founder of Gymnastics Strength Workshops.

Check out the amazing resources she has for health and wellness for your gymnast and your family!

Kristina's work empowering girls through gymnastics!


What is the purpose behind ISG WELLNESS?

  • To educate our students, parents and staff about healthy food options that improve ones health and well being. 

  • To bring loving awareness to our current diet and how the foods we eat are either positively or negatively effecting our energy levels, mood, performance, skin health, physical health, etc..

  • To offer meal and snack inspirations to make small positive steps in the direction of how you aim to feel and perform.

  • And to promote gratitude and self love amounst the ISG community to know we are all supported both inside and outside of the gym.